Evi Baiturrohmah


It has been a while for me not joining any competition yet. I am busy with my own life and simply forget how the tense of competition. Sometime ago I participated in Javanese English Newscaster competition which was held by ‘Satu Lingkar’ community of Sebelas Maret University. If I am not mistaken the participant for English bench (since I joined this part: D) was about 60 people. I was so excited because that was my first time experience to act as newscaster in front of judges and camera. I recalled that my heart pounded so much and I felt it was going to explode that time. Ever since I observed the first performer until the number before mine I couldn’t stop thinking silly to just walk out from the hall. I trembled and chilled for a while. All contestants were surely amazing.

When it came to my turn, I walked nervously to the stage and put myself into the right position. I helped myself to comfort the camera position, microphone checking and my seat. I took a deep breath to make my nervous gone away, but it couldn’t be helped tough. Yet, I assured myself to perform my best whatsoever it was.

I felt my throat choked and sweat glittered into my cheeks. The trembling of my voice I could clearly sense at that time. But, I kept performing and showed my ability. After I closed my performance I walked to my seats while I ‘chewed’ my tongue and showed my silly expression in my face. Completing my madness, I chopped the paper I used to read before. Then I took my bag and asked my comrades, July, to leave the hall soon. I couldn’t bear my shame. I felt so bad. I performed nervously and couldn’t execute what I’ve planned before to perform relax and convincing. I left the hall and drove myself home.

At 5 p.m I gathered with all the participants to wait for the grand final announcement. Even though I felt that my performance was bad, but I still kept my optimism tight. I hoped that other participants have lack points compared to my performance. 😀

After the 5 finalists from Javanese part was announced, the 5 finalists for English part was the next. The first contestant who succeeds to grab the chance is Dwi P…. by the highest score. The second is Deliana, my junior in English Department, and I was the third continued with Nanda and Erix as the fourth and fifth place.

I was so relief for being able to be a grand finalist. I beat 60 amazing participants. 😀 Well, the battle has not over yet. The grand final was the following day.

On Saturday, I came at about 8 a. m and directly handed down news that I should brought before the camera. Unlike the previous day was crowded by many participants, the grand final was bit quite. Just some of the committees and participants who filled the chairs (I assumed it may hundred and more). I sat and read the news directly.

The judges for grand final stage were Mas Buyung as a senior broadcaster, Mbak Amel as a TATV presenter and Mas Dedi as an expert in culture. I could feel that my heartbeat was lot stable than yesterday. I found myself gained more confident. I performed my best!

The announcement of the winner came not long after. Since Nanda withdrew his participation so it left 4 of the contestants which surely brought heavier burden for the 4th place. Erik came as the second runner up. The first runner up was the participant number three, and it was me. While finally Deliana put her success as the first champion. What came to my mind wasanother second place!

I never think big about this before, but since that day, surely I put it into consideration. I have not reach the first place so far. But still, I thank God for this. I am still happy tough. 😀

Well, at that time I also had a chance to ask Mbak Amel why I lose to Deli and her answer is somehow relieving. The score was tight. I lost with honor, I describe myself. She said that I was lack in eye contact. Maybe I put more attention in my pronunciation while I forgot to act in front of camera. She also added that I already get the hint, ‘the soul’ or whatsoever it is, and my pronunciation was also good. What I have to learn more is how to make a good eye contact to camera and act as if I am waited by the whole viewers.

That’s kinda great experience for me. Hope I can win the first place another chance.